Monday, February 1, 2016


This date lives in my heart every single day. I was a very young momma with a healthy, busy two year old and a fussy, didn't-know-night-from-day-yet seven month old. This momma had a new little one on the way... Until 2.1.1981 I was thirteen weeks along in my pregnancy. I believe God whispers gently in our ears, and He whispered that I was carrying a son. Until 2.1.1981 A routine check-up brought concern about my little one. An ultrasound was done. My baby's heart had stopped beating. I was sent home, to await oncoming labor. Until 2.1.1981 Labor came... Every bit as intense as when I gave birth to my two beautiful, healthy girls. I remember leaving for the hospital after 'Sixty Minutes' I remember the Emergency Room. I remember the Operating Room's cold table. I remember my doctor sitting by my bed, holding my hand while I cried...until drug-induced sleep came. My little one was gone from this earth. 2.1.1981 It's been thirty-five years... God sent me two more sons. Gifts I cherish. My four children and my baby who has only known heaven as home... Complete my heart. I'm blessed beyond words... Nine amazing grandbabies have entered my world as well... Since 2.1.1981 God is good. He has had held my little one in His loving arms. I think about you always, I talk about you still, You have never been forgotten, and you never will. I hold you close within my heart, and there you will remain, To walk with me throughout my life Until we meet again. 2.1.1981