Sunday, November 14, 2010

Good Earth's Soldier Drive Twenty-Ten

For the second year in a row, Good Earth will be accepting donations for our Soldier Drive. Good Earth is the garden center, where I work. Dave is the owner and I truly appreciate his support in brightening the Holidays for our Troops.

I've set up boxes in both locations, with photos of the Soldiers who will receive our items. I must take a moment to thank Leslie and Diann for coming through for me in a pinch! A couple people at work, made great attempts to get their family members to be our Twenty-Ten Soldier...last minute everything fell through. This year, both Leslie and Diann (two friends of my son, John) scrambled quickly to provide me with the names and photos of Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan! Good Earth has decided to will mail boxes to all of these Soldiers! I'm not sure if my readers recall last year; a Chief from Wright-Patterson AFB was in Iraq. Chief was kind enough to accept our donations and distribute these items to Airmen at different bases.

I've attached the photos. Please keep each and every one of these Warriors in your prayers. If you wish to mail items to add to the boxes, please drop me an e-mail for my address. If you wish to send a Christmas card or a tube of toothpaste! Every token of of thoughtfulness, is so greatly appreciated!

Allow me to introduce Justin, a Marine from CT on his second deployment in Iraq.

This group of Airman are from Wright-Patterson AFB, currently serving in Iraq.

These Airman are in Afghanistan through the Christmas Season. Leslie (front row)is a friend of John's from Wright-Patterson AFB.

May Almighty God protect each and every Airman, Soldier, Sailor and Marine. May God bring them home safely.


King of New York Hacks said...

Brilliant job you are doing AM...May God bring all of them on a safe passage home. Thank you for all you do. Peace.

Anonymous said...

I do love those Airmen!! I wish them all a wonderful, joyous and peaceful holiday.. They are all in my prayers.

Sarge Charlie said...

please bring tissue if you stop by my place.

Paxford said...

Christmas cards from Australia are being despatched 1st December so please send me a few names :)


AirmanMom said...

king...I thank you for stopping by!
tonjia...and my prayers are lifted for your Airman!
sarge...thank you for the tissue alert, it was a beautiful post.
pax...e-mail sent and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I know they will appreciate your kindness.

Aleena.B said...

Always in our hearts and prayers, stay safe to all the men and women in uniform that give up so much for so little in return.