Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Talking Tuesday

Dancing through the internet this morning, I happened upon this question:

Do you plan to watch the State of the Union address tonight? If so, what issue do you most want to see President Obama address?

Today is my Aunt Irene's birthday. Aunt "I" is my mom's older sister, she is 86 years old. As we chatted this morning, we spoke of all the sadness in today's world. Yet another young person I know, took her own life last weekend. A sweet 27 year-old young lady, with her entire future ahead of her. Aunt "I" shared that she lived through the Depression and finds today so much more troubling. We spoke of my recent surgery and agree that medical knowledge and conditions are so much better. But where is our sense of community, our patriotism, our genuine love for one another? Are we any better off? Our bank accounts may be fatter, but are we still robust in the riches of our hearts?

Your turn.........................

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Bag Blog said...

My husband has been reading a book about Andrew Jackson. It is amazing the muck and yuck that went on in politics back then. I'm not sure much has really changed over the years. We just have the Mass Media to make us think things are worse. Also, when we were younger we had a more idealized view of the world. But maybe you are right about our lack of patriotism and genuine love for one another.