Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Talking Tuesday

The recent news has been saturated with stories of the death of Amy Winehouse. Turn on the TV or Internet and you will learn all about her final hours, her funeral and how her family feels regarding her death. Who is she? ...oh, and let's not forget, just like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin... Winehouse, Hendrix, Joplin, et al died at the age of 27.

C'mon.... We've got it all wrong.

Is it our fault that the media chooses to permeate us with stories such as the death of Winehouse, rather than the stories of our Troops who are killed? For crying out loud...they are young, they have final hours, they have funeral arrangements and they have left behind families with broken hearts.

What can we do to change this? A letter writing campaign to the major networks, and small town papers requesting stories of our Fallen? Posting on our Blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts the names of our Fallen Heroes on a daily basis? What are your ideas and do you honestly feel we can change the hearts and minds of Americans regarding those Killed in Action?

Does America care?

Here are the names of Soldiers who have been killed recently:

Sgt. William B. GrossPaniagua, 28 on July 31st
2nd Lt. Jered W. Ewy, 33 on July 29th
Spc. Augustus J. Vicari, 22 on July 29th
Master Sgt. Benjamin A. Stevenson, 36 on July 22nd
Sgt. Omar A. Jones, 28 on July 18th
Staff Sgt. Kenneth R. Vangiesen, 30 on July 18th
Sgt. Edward W. Koehler, 47 on July 18th
Staff Sgt. Brian K. Mowery, 49 on July 18th
Lance Cpl. Christopher L. Camero, 19 on July 15th
Sgt. Mark A. Cofield, 25 on July 17th
Lance Cpl. Jabari N. Thompson, 22 on July 17th
Master Sgt. Kenneth B. Elwell, 33 on July 17th
Pfc. Tyler M. Springmann, 19 on July 17th
Spc. Daniel L. Elliott, 21 on July 15th
Cpl. Frank R. Gross, 25 on July 16th
Staff Sgt. Lex L. Lewis, 40 on July 15th
Staff Sgt. Wyatt A. Goldsmith, 28 on July 15th
Sgt. Jeremy R. Summers, 27 on July 14th

May Almighty God Bless our Fallen Warriors.
May Almighty God comfort the families who love them so.
May Almighty God help us all.

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Sarge Charlie said...

So, I see that the 27 club irritated you but the fact is the media will report what is important to them...... THAT SUCKS

AirmanMom said...

sarge...was I grumbling a bit too loudly???? I'm irritated most by who we have become... hanging on the every word and action of 'celebrities'. Arrrggghhhh....