Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Update...

A quick, 'Hello' to all my peeps!

It's been a zany several weeks. I am beyond exhausted, working 6 days/week... many of those days have been 10 & 11 hour work-days. But it is all good! I have a job which I truly enjoy, with a team of fun and energetic people! Where else can you wear jeans, Uggs and a Santa hat...and get paid? Funny story... last weekend (our busiest weekend) we had a bit of a lull in the shop, so the elf I work with ran off to her lunch break. A customer steps up with approx a dozen ornaments...she placed them all on the counter to decide which she wanted. A second customer stepped up, so #1 decided she had better hurry her decision process. So I begin to ring up her this point #3 is now in line. I glance at the computer screen...duh. nothing scanned! Had to start all over! So we quickly removed all ornaments from the pretty tissue and I re-rang the order, with #5 now in line. I get on my radio, to call in for some help... no reply. So...#1 begins to sing, 'Hark the Herald Angels'...and every visitor sang along! No grumpiness! No impatience! True Christmas Spirit!
One more Christmas Spirit story.... I am so grateful the owner of Good Earth is kind enough to allow our customers to donate gifts, which I mail to our Soldiers! This year, we once again gathered over a dozen boxes of items, which I packaged up and took to the Post Office. I was trying to quickly unload my Wrangler of boxes and the clerk at the Post Office desk asked for the custom forms. I dug into my bag and handed her the forms...of course the line was building behind me! A little while later an elderly gent approached me and told me he thought I lost something... He handed me a $100 bill, which I had in my bag and must have fallen out while I was rustling with boxes and forms. All in the Post Office cheered and wished each other a Merry Christmas. I was grateful he returned the money to me, it had been donated to offset shipping costs!!!
So... the moral of this post: Be kind to each other. Give without expecting to receive. Sing a Christmas Carol when you feel a little stressed. Take a deep breath and enjoy all of the little things our world has to offer. Yes, times are hard and people appear ugly... but if only one person at a time, showed gentleness and kindness...we could change it all.

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Paxie said...

Wonderful and uplifting post hon!!

This is really what it's all about. Peace on earth and goodwill toward men!! Amen.