Sunday, January 8, 2012

Um...yeah... Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Peeps!

I've been in a complete decompress mode and have not even posted New Year wishes!

Hopefully, everyone enjoyed the Holiday Season and I do hope many warm memories were made. It is the time of year to let go of the icky and focus on blessings. So many of us know hard times, no room for comparisons... hard is hard and there is something about the Holidays which make a hard day, seem a gazillion times harder. But it is also the time to look around and feel truly loved.

Life is just funny like that. Not really a 'Ha Ha' funny...more like a quizzical funny. Our family was so blessed to share Christmas with Di and the E-Man. I held that little guy and just did not want to let him go...ever. It was as though I had stepped into a time machine...marching back 22 years to the day I held my littlest guy with the exact ears and hair and eyes. He (go ahead and fill in the blank with either name E-Man or John) would coo and gurgle and fall asleep in my arms. Love that!

Courtesy of Skype...we were able to take a family photo, which included John in Kuwait! Rather cool, huh? Looking back I now wish we had skyped B & V2 on another laptop to include them as well. Arrgghhh... Old-Lady Brain! (always comes up with the best ideas-two weeks after the fact!)

I am rather proud of myself... only one meltdown on Christmas! I led the family in prayer before we ate...and totally lost it as I lifted John in my prayer. Please understand...I am so proud of my son, but in my heart.. he should have been here to hold his son on the little guy's first Christmas. Next year...

Well...this is a totally scrambled post. Yep, I'm pondering whether or not to delete it or go ahead and post. Truth is... being AirmanMom has me feeling like Vegetable Soup of Emotions more often than not.... John's deployment is going well, for this I am grateful. He has received 'Jr Tech Squadron Airman of the Year'...I am so very proud of his accomplishments! Di and E-man are plugging along...good days and not so good days-for this I pray for strength. Our Nation has so many houses on so many streets, filled with families waiting for deployed ones to return home... for this I pray for peace. Operation Welcome Home welcomes our heroes as they land on U.S. soil...for these volunteers I am so very grateful. The USO is there for our Troops...always! Their dedication is so appreciated.

I'll close these jumbled words for now...decompress a little more and post some photos soon!

May Almighty God protect each and every Airman, Soldier, Sailor and Marine.
May Almighty God comfort families who have lost loved ones.
May Almighty God make the days lighter for those who have deployed family members.
May Almighty God bring peace into our hearts.


Paxie said...

Happy New Year hon and I also am praying for peace and that all our military members can come home soon.

Sending you great big hugs!

AirmanMom said...

pax...sending hugs to you as well!