Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Home...Very Soon!

Please continue to keep John, Di and the little E-Man in your prayers. John will be ending his six-month deployment very soon!!! Upon his return home, this sweet family has many adjustments... I know in my heart, they will overcome the challenges which post-deployment brings. This Momma is praying he returns through BWI... It will be so awesome to see John's face and give him a hug! May Almighty God keep peace in their hearts, as they endure these final weeks of deployment. May Almighty God watch over John as he travels back to U.S. soil. May Almighty God wrap this young family in his loving arms, as they settle into their new family life.


Coffeypot said...


And he will be alright...he has too much love waiting on him to have a bad time. The more support the easier it is for them.

Theresa Babicki said...
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Theresa Babicki said...

Coffeypot...my prayers will remain constant.

lotta joy said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I used to read your blog through my OLD and deleted blog. So it's a piece of luck I was able to find you again.

Sue said...

Praying that John is now home and with his little family and doing well. God's peace be with them all - and with you too, mom.