Monday, March 23, 2009

MudPuppy needs YOUR help!

MudPuppy is doing well! I heard from him this weekend and he is fine!
He would like to write a post for us, but is suffering from some Writer's Block. I told him that I would put his plea out there and forward your responses.
Sooooo....what do you want MudPuppy to tell us? For those of you who have read his blog, I'm certain you recall his 'entertaining' writing style. For those of you who have yet to read his words, please don't be shy!
MudPuppy is a soldier in our United States Army. He is currently serving in Afghanistan, at least for the next 162 or so days (not that AirmanMom is counting). MudPuppy's first blog, "Embrace The Suck" was one of the first blogs I followed, upon entering the Blogosphere. He wrote of his days, prior to his deployment. Soon after arriving in Afghanistan, he felt it best to take his blog private.
The picture below is one I have recently posted, but I do believe it captures the MudPuppy I have grown to know. He has called me his 'Virtual Mom' and honestly, I could not be more proud to call him my 'SoldierSon'.


Call Me Grandma said...

Hey Mudpuppy...Godspeed.

Butler and Bagman said...

I have a friend in Iraq working in the civilian corps of retired government folks trying to teach Iraqi's about rebuilding infrastructure and stuff. He, too, has writers block because not much happened in his arena last week. I hear so much of the bad stuff and, also, of the heart-warming stuff. I'd like to read about daily boring routine, shaving, details...Actually I've always wondered how soldiers keep dirt out of everything. Where do hey do laundry?

Mary Ellen said...

I, too, am interested in the daily stuff. I always wonder how you do all the basic stuff: where and what do you eat? where and when do you sleep? what do you do for fun, if you have time for that? what are your buddies like and what do you do together? what kind of interaction with locals do you have?

And, I'm always interested in what kinds of things we can send our soldiers to make their lives easier or more fun. I'm running out of original ideas for my adopted soldier, and she always writes 'thank you' without letting me know what she especially wants!

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

My dear bloggy friend Airman Mom...
I would love to hear the story of how Mud Puppy and his lil buddy became the best of friends. What a sweet face they both have and I'll bet they are inseperable. I also would live to hear a little about what they days ore like now over there.
You are a wonderful lady to adopt this young soldier and you have an amazing heart :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Red said...

I heart MudPuppy and the rest of our soldiers. Tell him to come home safe.

Julie said...

I would love to hear what he plans to do in 163 days....

Single and loving it said...

I started quietly reading Mud Puppy's blog in January and I truly miss his sense of humor. He's amazing for finding humor during such an intense part of his life. I can honestly tell you, whatever he comes up with will be great.

I wonder if he has any good stories about the fun and pranks they play on each other during their down time.

MightyMom said...


First a handshake and a hug and a sincere thank you for your service.


My heart tears into bits every time I read on a blog or hear someone say about how "America's at the Mall while we're at war" or some equal nonsense.

It would interest me greatly to tell of HOW us regular old civilians can let you our defenders know just how much we appreciate you. I mean, really and batteries and calling cards do it? letters from strangers? WHAT???


Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

What do you do when you are not working? Hows the chow? How are you being treated by the locals? Have you been promoted during your deployment? Have you created a short timers calendar yet? Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Airman Mom,
Hi MudPuppy!!

I agree with MightyMom. Also, it'd be interesting to know what really we can do for our soldiers. Also, my big question would be, what are the views from Soldiers on Obama's pitch to start preparing an exit strategy plan for Afghanistan. And what does he think about ending the Stop-Loss policy?

God Bless & take Care, you are both in my thoughts and prayers*

Alice said...

I want details of the every day, too. You know...the story is in the details!

Thanks for keeping us updated and thanks for not letting us forget.

Debbie said...

Thank you MudPuppy for continuing to serve with honor for our country amidst the growing insistence that we leave Iraq. I'm retired USAF and I truly appreciate your dedication to duty.

I also want to know what you plan on doing in 163 days :) Do you have someone "special" waiting for you? Do you plan on staying in the military and why or why not.

Okay, this is a weird one. How do you feel (and your buddies) about removing the Don't Ask, Don't Tell? I disagree with it, but I'm older. Curious to know how the younger folks feel.

God bless you MudPuppy!! ((Hugs))

Julie said...

Well, I too miss the details of his everyday life. I also would like to hear more about the puppy. I am sure they are having some adventures together. I have heard of soldiers being able to get the dogs home. Is that a possibility? If it is how can we help? Maybe I don't remember but what is puppy's name?

Take care MudPuppy!

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kbug said...

It looks like there are plenty of ideas for Mudpuppy to choose from, but I have a question for you. Where do I find his blog?

Mary said...


I do miss our friend Mud Puppy. Please send him salutations from Canada.

I would love to hear what he's been up to. I certainly miss reading his blog.

Beautiful photo.


AirmanMom said...

A warm thank you to everyone! I have forwarded your response to MudPuppy!
Please continue to keep MudPuppy and his comrades in your prayers!
These are OUR soldiers, defending OUR freedoms!

Anonymous said...

I followed MudPuppy's blog Embrace the Suck, well, forever and was very upset when I went to read for a new posting and saw it was gone. But, I understand his need for privacy and hope that all is well.

I am in the Air National Guard and loved reading his "view" of being deployed and the military in general because of the style - he made the most mundane things hilarious. I miss seeing a posting from him in my Google Reader. :(

I've never been able to come up with a question for MudPuppy, but I have one now - How has the military changed your relationships with your family and friends? I know not all is bad, but I guess I'd like to see how things are for a fellow service member.

Thanks you,

Mud Puppy said...

Alright, keep the questions coming but that is definitely a good start. I am going to start working tonight. I have to figure out how to sound like myself but still keep it G-rated for my Virtuamom's blog.

Everyone be good, I am Okay, haven't blown up yet. And the suck is still the suck!

AirmanMom said...

MudPuppy...We have no readers under the age of 16, so go ahead and take it to an 'R' if needed!
We want to read the words of the REAL MudPuppy!!!!
Stay Strong!
Pray Hard, my SoldierSon!

Karen said...

Wow, I'm so glad I ran across this post. I've been offline for a bit. I really do miss MudPuppy's post, even the every day stuff was entertaining as hell. Miss seeing him. Send him my warm thoughts.