Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Talking Tuesday

I heard from my oldest son, B that he is enlisting in the Reserves for another two years. GodSpeed, my son!

John has served one year active service and has five years left to serve our country.

Several times over the past year, I have been asked how I could 'let' John enlist, when I already had one son serving in the military. My response (not in a disrespectful manner) has been that "My sons serve, so that your sons will not be drafted".

I remember when B enlisted in 1999. He was a Senior in High School. B is brilliant! He is smart, witty and one of the finest men I could ever know. Back in 1999, he was unsure of his direction and out of the blue...he asked me one afternoon what I was doing on a certain day at a certain time. I told him it sounded as though he had plans for me. It was then that he told me that he had an appointment with a Recruiter and wished to join the U.S. Air Force. He was 17 years old and needed parental permission. I went to see the Recruiter, watched the video and knew right away this is where my son belonged. B graduated from High School in June and departed for BMT in July, 1999.

I am so deeply proud of my sons. My heart is filled with so much gratitude for all the men and women who sacrifice for our country. These men and women give up so many of the daily freedoms we take for granted.

Each and every Airman, Soldier, Sailor and Marine is my hero.

So my question to you..... if a family member were to tell you they wished to join our military, how would you react?


Call Me Grandma said...

That sounds like Dan's story.
He also was seventeen. He graduated on June 3rd and left for BT (Fort Benning) on June 4. Was it hard on me? yes, it was very hard. But after 8 years and two deployments, I'm glad now in hindsight, that he can say he is a veteran.

Thanks to your son B and all that serve.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

It was scary but we supported CJ every step of the way...

Hallie :)

Leanne said...

Thanks for supporting him! I know my husband's parents support him in everything that he does. That means a lot to the both of us! We all need to know someone is behind us.

Indian Chris said...

I want to apologize for the trouble over the past two weeks. I've been having issues with Yahoo not sending the posts out because of what they're calling "suspicious activity" when I try. Not sure what's going on. But in the future, if you don't get the post via email you can go to the main Wednesday Hero page on Tuesday and download it.


Mary Ellen said...

I haven't had to deal with this (yet) but I hope, if I do, that I have the courage you've demonstrated!

Mary said...


I know how proud you are of your sons. I thank them for their service and yes, they enlist so others won't be drafted. God bless them both and walk with them each day they are protecting us.

This past week, we in Canada lost three heroes and then another, so four in a week. Please pray for their families.

If Brandon or Jordan were to say they were going to enlist in the military, I would support them all the way. It's a job that has to be done.

Have a wonderful week.

Ashley said...

I think it is great how supportive you are of your son. The military can lead to such a sense of direction and fulfillment! I don't have any kids, but if any of my younger brothers wanted to join I would never discourage them from serving their country.

Julie said...

Well you know why my son joined since 9/11 is his birthday. I will soon be telling my daughter's story for Parent's Zone. I will give you a hint. She was on the boy's wrestling team in high school. But she is still Cinderella

Tami said...

Chris first told us he was going in the Army when he was 3 yrs old so I had plenty of time to adjust. LOL
We support him 150% and if the other two sons wanted to join we would do the same.

God Bless B and John for what they do.


lolaberly said...


You should be so proud of your sons!

I would like to think that I would be open and supportive of the military as I have a better understanding of it with my husband being active than I would have if I married a civilian. I think without this experience, I would be much more apprehensive as it is a completely different world!

That said, I've thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the military community and I feel that I am better off because of it. With that in mind, I would (hopefully) be supportive!

lorraine said...

From another Airforce Mom. My son joined on 9/11 for OTS. He ended up a pilot. I supported him 100%. He has made a great career and just returned from deployment #1 in Iraq. He did well and was happily returned to his wife and children. Can't hope for better than that. He doesn't spend much time on the ground but does work 6 days a week and sometimes 7. I am so proud of him - tears can't help flow when I talk about his commitment. Love that kid. All of us moms have a bubble of pride that glows in our hearts when we think of our kids and others kids in service to our country. Support them all you can and love them and give them into God's hands. They belong to him not us. We just get to love them and they call us Mom. Thanks for your forum we love our guys and gals. lorraine

MightyMom said...

I'd give him a hug and promise NOT to write everyday!! I'll restrain myself to once a week.


my grandad was Army Air Corps in WWII. hubby's Dad was Air Force in WWII. hubby's brother was a Marine, hubby is Retired Navy.


actually, they're now "recruiting" for civilian nurses to work alongside military in on base hospitals. I've seriously considered it. But we'd have to give up the free babysitting of Mimi......

it's honestly a tough choice and I might change my mind and go for it one day soon.......what an HONOR to take care of military and their dependents!!! wow-O.