Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Talking Tuesday

How much is too much?

Can the United States go overboard when helping another county in dire need?

Are we doing enough for the people of Haiti, are we doing too much? Should there be a 'cap' to our donations?

What do the history books say of our efforts, not only aiding foreign countries....but our own soil?

The United States is notorious for its humanitarian efforts and we deserve to be proud.

How much is too much?

Your turn..................................


Coffeypot said...

Suffering is suffering and the Bible says to help those in need. But Haiti is a country that hates us, is a domain of France and has such horrible poverty and crime, yet the country has some of the richest soil that could grow anything. But then that would mean someone would have to go to work. Give up booze and drugs and actually work. They had rather cut each other down in the streets with machete’s.

Will us giving millions of dollars in food, first-aide and supplies change the hearts and minds of the Haitians? I doubt it. I can see helping, but only matching what France sends them.

Donna said...

I am afraid that Haiti is a bottomless pit and America's generosity may turn into a long-term commitment for aid. This country has a mountain of debt and the government is adding to it at a reckless pace. Would we personally borrow money to help a stranger when we can not pay our own bills? I think not.

christian soldier said...

giving to countries w/ corrupt governments - to line the corrupt officials pockets- is always - too much---

Keri J J said...

i understand those points. but it's also hard to see the people, the children, and not help. and i'm proud of our country for helping others, even when we unfairly (and that's an understatement) get criticized for it.