Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's All Good!!!

It's all good!

God is Good! He answers prayers in His time. As a mere mortal mom, my heart hurts at times. I miss my son, when I am unable to pick up the phone to hear his voice. When I come home from work and hear my son's voice calling from Afghanistan on an answering mortal heart hurts. Yes, I heard his voice, I heard his positive words, it was good. But, I so needed more.

On Wednesday, I answered the call from Afghanistan and was able to talk with my son. It was answered prayer. I spoke with my son. Hearing his voice was such relief to this Mom Heart. Ahhh...the Mom Heart. God gave us this gift, a heart which can be filled with more love ever imaginable, it takes our breath away. A Mom Heart which can hurt so deeply, it can take our breath away. God is there constantly for the Mom Heart.

My daughter, K sent the video below to me. My beautiful daughter, has a Mom Heart and this song means so very much to her. Now that I have heard this song, I know these words will help my Mom Heart through the days and weeks ahead until my son comes home. (please pause my Playlist on the right sidebar)

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AFWingMom said...

beautiful song....I know you're missing your boy.