Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tucking is No Longer Mandatory

AF Announces Uniform Policy Changes

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas - Air Force officials here announced uniform policy updates resulting from recent Air Force Uniform Board decisions.

The following policy modifications are effective immediately, unless otherwise stated, and will be incorporated into Air Force Instruction 36-2903, Air Force Uniform Dress and Appearance.

The tucking of trousers on utility uniforms into boots will remain optional. This reverses a mandatory tuck-in requirement previously announced by the 98th Air Force Virtual Uniform Board. When tucked in or bloused, the trouser must be even and draped loosely over the top of the combat boot to present a bloused appearance.

The green fleece watch cap is approved for wear with the all-purpose environmental clothing system, improved rain suit, cold weather parka, sage green fleece and the physical training uniform.

Air Force officials encourage all Airmen to affix name, rank and service designator tapes instead of waiting for the Oct. 1 mandatory wear date. However, officers wanting to wear a watch cap with the sage green fleece must now have their name, rank and service designator tapes affixed to the fleece effective immediately.

Other authorized cold weather items remain unchanged. They include the black or sage green leather, suede or knit gloves; black scarves that are tucked in; and black earmuffs.
The sage green fleece can still be worn as a liner for the APECS without name, rank and service designator tapes. The black fleece will no longer be authorized for wear as an APECS liner on Oct. 1.

Air Force officials also modified the 97th AFUB decision that stated the women's A-line skirt would become the primary mess dress skirt for the Air Force. The change allows the side-slit mess dress skirt to continue to be worn as an optional item.

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L.C. said...

Oh man, my husband will not be happy with fixing his name to his outdoor stuff, he is so lazy! And very picky about how uniforms need to look so the no tucking I am sure to hear about as it will look "sloppy" on some people haha

Mike Golch said...

When I was in our Squadron Commander was not happy if we "tucked"I got my rear end reamed for doing it from the First Shirt.