Friday, October 22, 2010

Applebee's Kindness

It's hard to believe the end of October is approaching!

Applebee's will once again thank our Veterans on Veterans Day with a FREE meal!

Please read the entire article HERE.

My boss (truly, the big boss = owner) called the other day to discuss his ideas for a Veterans Day weekend at Good Earth! We may offer a 10% discount on Christmas Trees and then donate another 10% of all our tree sales to an organization supporting our Troops. I'll be writing a tribute to our Vets in our E-Mail on Veterans Day. Dave (the owner of Good Earth) has also agreed to another Soldier Drive during the Christmas Season. Last year our customers donated items, which I filled and shipped to Iraq. Nine boxes of goodies went to our Soldiers!

Please pass along kindnesses by companies and I will post them here!

May Almighty God Bless and Protect each and every Airman, Soldier, Sailor and Marine.


Sarge Charlie said...

i plan to enjoy their hospitality

CI-Roller Dude said...

Yep, but get there early or bring a snack for the line.

MightyMom said...

two blog friends have brand new service members.

ellen b. shall soon have a Marine SIL


Lisa has a new soldier son.

Please take a moment to remember these two moms.

Debbie said...

May God bless you too! Thank you for all you do for our troops :)