Saturday, March 12, 2011


I would like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts on our media.


According to Webster, the definition of despicable: "deserving to be despised".
The hourly coverage of Charlie Sheen's personal and professional destruction is unnecessary.

Our fallen Warriors deserve this air-time. These heroes make a difference in our world. When one falls, our Nation should know. We should see their faces all over our televisions and laptops. We should know their names and the names of their families, so we can lift them in prayer.

My hope. My goal. is to change this sickness America has somehow been infested by, which has totally warped our priorities. Why do we choose to pay attention to people who are living in self-inflicted despair, rather that focusing and applauding those who do good? When my children were teens, going through Teen-Turmoil... I always reminded them that self-inflicted wounds hurt the most. I reminded them, they always have choices....and those choices have consequences. Good and bad.

America...please wake up! Please make choices to embrace those who do good. Yes, I am well aware we all fall from grace time to time and we do not deserve to be shunned. Question... when we fall, what do we do to pull ourselves up and brush ourselves off? Do we attempt to learn and forge forward? Do we accept help and in return help those in an hour of need?

May Almighty God give us strength to be the best we can be, to seek positive role models and show our appreciation to those who make an effort to do good.


Donna said...

I agree with you 100%!

TonjiaT said...

I agree with you wingsister!! I can hardly bring myself to listen to the media these days. They have lost focus of what is important, our troops are still scattered over the world, risking their lives and separated from their families.

I dont give a rats A** about some drugged up bipolar hollywood idiot, I wish more people felt the same way.

jojo said...

I was here earlier and left a long, lovely response to your post, all about responsibility and teaching our children well and then blogger ate it! So I'm back to say hello and I'm listening and I couldn't agree more. With prayers for the real heroes and the true role models in this world...take care.;j