Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Military Mom

A Military Mom

(Written for Mother’s Day, 2007)

What does a military mom look like?

What makes her special and fair?

It’s the way she looks at the grand old flag

Or the soldier in uniform over there.

It’s the tear in her eye during evening news

When tales of more casualties arise.

It’s the American Flag pin on her coat

And her armed services flag that flies.

It’s the prayer she says many times a day

- Prayers said out of a mother’s love.

It’s the peace she has within her heart

When God reaches down from above.

It’s the hugs she gives to other moms

Wives, husbands, and children too.

Military families are bonded in fear

– Fear of duties their soldier will do.

Pride and fear go hand in hand

For every military mother’s heart.

Honor is felt in their children’s role

However, fear is felt when they depart.

Strength is gained with others ‘round

Who share Freedom’s duty call.

Some return, but some may not

– And she prays for those who fall.

She knows it could be her child as well

Who faces Freedom’s final task.

Each day she prays out loud,

“Lord, watch over them,” she asks.

It’s the boxes she gathers to send away

To support the troops overseas.

Hugs and love are in each one

And she prays for each one of these.

She may send Jesus in each box

– A message of hope in time of war.

For God gives strength, honor and courage

His peace, and love plus more.

She feels it is her duty now

To offer Hope to a hurting soul.

Battle weary, they need her care

And encouragement is her goal.

A military mother has special grace

And a sense of patriotic love.

You can see it in all she does

As she relies on God above.

If you, too, are a military mom

Then let character be your guide.

Dignity and honor, pride and strength

– It’s not a time for faith to hide.

Display your trust in God alone

For He is the One in command!

Rest assured He knows your need

- He holds your child in His hand.

©Lucy Cain 2007


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