Sunday, September 4, 2011

September is Suicide Prevention Month

Honestly, is there a more heartbreaking word in our language?
To stop and think of anyone hurting inside so much, they can't live another day.
To stop and think of loved ones left behind, wondering what could have/should have been done to help.
The suicide rate among our Service Members is outrageous. And these numbers are the 'known'! Imagine, the true numbers. Wrong on so many levels.

I'm only one Mom. I've battled my own demons in the past, which led me into a state of depression. Truly, I won't pretend to understand the depth of despair those who commit suicide...but I do understand what I call the 'dark cloud' which covers your entire life. My mild case of depression was enough to build a deep respect of the disease and its 'side effects'. Today, I know it is only by the Grace of God (along with the help of meds and a good Shrink) I did not fall into a deeper black hole.

Reach out. Speak up.

Suicide can be preventable. I have no answers...
I can offer words of caution to family members watching a loved one who may be living under their 'dark cloud'...reach out!
I can offer words of encouragement to those who find themselves trapped under a 'dark cloud'... speak up!

Here are a couple sites, well worth visiting:

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Caroline said...

My husband completed suicide, back then I was a young MUM at 25 with 3 babies.It was so incredibly hard that I then suffered depression from that.

Now my son is a serving member of the Defence Force & believe me I WORRY!! but am ever watchful.

Paxie said...

((Hugs))Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, etc. are difficult issues to deal with and suicide is such a tragic ending for so many.

Faith, prayers, meds, friends,love and understanding sure do help tremendously!! ♥♥♥

AirmanMom said... tragic. my prayers will be lifted for your son...and for your continued strength.

AirmanMom said... are correct! faith, prayers, friends, love and understanding are a much needed blend for those facing this dreadful disease.