Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Talking Tuesday

First of all, thank you for the feedback on my Blog.
I updated to Internet Explorer 9, then reverted back to IE8...still having issues.
It appears it is a blogger issue.... if you scroll to the bottom of this Blog, you will find my right side bar found a new home at the bottom of the Blog. Not sure about you folks, but this does not work for me. I'm trying to mend...please stay tuned! (of course if you can help with a resolution, I would welcome comments!)

So now, let's chat about the important stuff. It's the Holiday Season already... not sure where Twenty-Eleven went, but it is as good as gone! These next few weeks will fly by, I'm certain of it. We are so busy; shopping and baking and visiting... Hours quickly turn to days, and days quickly turn to weeks.

And then there is the Soldier... far from home.

Our family knows first hand, the 'Vegetable Soup of Emotion' having a loved one Serving our Nation overseas during this joyous time of year. Oh yes, we are proud of John... but pride does not eliminate emptiness. And I'm talking about those of us in the comfort of our homes, living out our routine lives. I pray for my son constantly, and I constantly lift prayers for his wife...going through these days, weeks and months watching their little guy growing up... it is just tough some days. As I have said before, we are only one family. Thousands of families know our hearts.

I wanted to share with you three of my most highly regarded organizations:

USO has been supporting our Troops since 1941. Ask any Soldier who has traveled through an Airport, about the USO... they have been there for our Service Members for decades, and I will do what I can to support them to make certain they remain active in the future.

SoldiersAngels motto "May No Soldier Go Unloved". What better way to celebrate this Season of Giving, than to adopt a Soldier and send a package full of cheer. I've been an Angel for several years, I encourage you to take a few moments and sign up to become an Angel.

Wounded Warriors Project is all about helping our Warriors who return home injured. This group began with some veterans supplying comfort items for wounded Soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan...they now assist with transitioning back to civilian life as well.

"No one has ever become poor by giving."
Anne Frank

I've only named a few amazing organizations...I'd like to hear your most respected groups.

Your turn........................


Mike Golch said...

I'm still using a computer that has XP in it. so the best I can do is explrer 8.but I use fire fox as my main browser and google chrome as the backup browser.internet explore is relegated to the third string position.
I hope you get you issues with blogger fixed.

Raising 8 said...

We were recently able to attend a wounded warrior meet and greet and find out all the benefits they have for helping Jim. It is a great resource. They are even guiding us through the Va claims and getting his records fixed. very great full to have found them. About Uso when Jim got to Kuwait and missing his family was setting in they had a spot to get a free book and read it on CD for the kids. they sent it back to us. It really lifted his spirit and you could see it from the start of him reading to the end was better already. Very grateful for all 3 of them organizations.