Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Blessings...

Ah yes... I post that I am taking off for Vegas to witness my son's wedding, then I evaporate. OK... I'll fess up. I'm drowning in the sorrow of leaving three bones in the Casino. Yep, played the Penny Slots and lost it all (that is all I bet!)

But on to happier memories of the weekend... the wedding was fabulous! B was dashing and V was stunning! It was a beautiful ceremony at the Chapel in the Clouds (top of the Stratosphere which is the tallest building in Vegas and fifth largest building in North America). A group of us saw Phantom of the Opera...oh. my. goodness. Pure awesomeness! My daughter, K and I were able to get our photo taken with Elvis...actually it was Elvis Squared. Two Elvises who spoke little English and did not realize Maryland was a State. We were happy to provide a public service and geography lesson. Oh, and yes we did stand in front of a foam Las Vegas sign! Good memories! Sadly, Marie and John were not there... I wish B & V a lifetime of laughter, good health and much happiness!

May God richly bless this beautiful couple.

May they always keep a 'fun factor' in their marriage!

More blessings... not sure if I have mentioned that K is expecting #4!!! Our newest grandbaby will arrive around May 9th. Precious and Bright-Eyed-Beauty are calling the newest member of their family, Skittle. I ask that you keep our Skittle in your prayers!

Special prayer request...Di has a family member with serious health issues. The plan for now is Di and E-Man will join us for Christmas, however if she is needed elsewhere with family... we will pray for God's will. Di returns to work next week. E-Man is growing like a weed. Oh, how I miss this little guy. He looks exactly like a baby I snuggled only 22 years ago!

Over the next several weeks, I may evaporate, reappear, evaporate, etc. The Garden Center where I work, has made some big changes. They let our manager go. Um, go ahead... gulp with me. I pray for her and her daughter (who also is no longer with the company)during this difficult chapter of their lives. Times are tough, and none of us are exempt from hardships these days. So, being down two valuable members of the team, it will mean a bit of craziness... things always have a way of working out. On a brighter note, I am grateful the owner has allowed us to once again set up donation boxes for our 3rd Annual Soldier Drive. So far, the response has been overwhelming! And yes...I do have a box set up for my son, who will spend Christmas far away from home.

All is well with Marie and her new little guy. She will return to work after Black Friday...um, I mean Thanksgiving. Yep, my girls and I will keep our tradition and tackle our fellow maniacs at 1am on Black Friday. My Christmas shopping will be complete, by the time I return home.... except for a bit more online shopping. Of course we will cap the adventure off with a visit to IHOP... I NEED Pumpkin Pancakes! Anyone else partaking in the Madness????

There you have it...a synopsis of AirmanMom's life. I am richly blessed. Most days are very good. Some days make my heart hurt, when I think of my son so far from home...missing his son's first Thanksgiving and Christmas. When my heart feels heavy, I think back to when John told me he was deploying soon after his son's birth... "it's why I put my boots on".

Oh Dear God in Heaven, protect my son. Touch his heart with tenderness, console him in his difficult moments. John is far braver than I.

May Almighty God Bless each of you and your families during the Holiday Season.

May Almighty God protect all who are serving our Nation... far from home and stateside. It is with a thankful heart, I pray for each of them.


Bag Blog said...

What a beautiful bride! It sounds like a whirlwind trip, but lots of fun. Blessings to you in this busy time.

Bridge said...

Miss you so <3

AirmanMom said...

bag blog...she is a beautiful woman with a beautiful spirit. We are so blessed to now have her a member of our fam. It was a whirlwind, but we do whirlwind best! Not sure if we could cope with anything less than a tornado anymore!!! Many Blessings to you and yours!

AirmanMom said...

B... honestly, you have no idea how much your spunk, your smile, your fun energy...everything about you is missed! breaking through your hula-hoop and sending you a huge hug!