Thursday, July 24, 2008


Gotta love ""! This website is a wealth of information for those of us who are not actively serving in the military. Hmmm... I'll ponder that statement a little later this afternoon, while cleaning the latrines....... bathrooms!
Now on to John's latest adventure. He is in the process of FTAC, which is the acronym for First Term Airman Center. According to "The concept is simple. Take first term airmen, as soon as they arrive at their first duty station, and combine all the necessary appointments and required details into a single two-week period. FTAC is designed to aid all first-duty-stationed airmen with their transition from a systematic and regimented environment into a hands-on employment of the airmen's skills, knowledge and training gained from technical school."
What a relief this must be for John! He had stated several times during Tech School, the frustration of trying to attend classes, do well on Block Tests, along with all the necessary briefings needed to get to his PCS (Permanent Change of Station).
One other interesting tidbit...John had to see a dentist regarding extraction of his wisdom teeth. According to John, he is not to be deployed without having these teeth removed...since there is a risk they could cause a bit of hassle in the Sandbox. Not good. Oh boy, I remember having my impacted wisdom teeth removed! I was able to recover comfortably (all things are relevant) in the luxury of my own home, and it was still a miserable experience. The other day, Erin and I were recalling the removal of her wisdom teeth saga... As though it was yesterday, I can see clearly Erin and John (who had strep throat) puking into separate barf buckets on the sofa together. Have I said lately, I miss my kids!
Uncle Sam, I know you are an excellent oral surgeon...please take good care of my son! On a music note, this where the song "He's My Son" by Mark Shultz (on the playlist) will be listened to over and over and over and over and over......................

John, I do love you so!

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