Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, America!

Our National Banner

O'er the high and o'er the lowly,
Floats that banner bright and holy
In the rays of Freedom's sun,
In the nation's heart embedded,
O'er our Union newly wedded,
One in all, and all in one.
Let that banner wave forever,
May its lustrous stars fade never,
Till the stars shall pale on high;
While there's right the wrong defeating,
While there's hope in true hearts beating,
Truth and freedom shall not die.
As it floated long before us,
Be it ever floating o'er us,
O'er our land from shore to shore;
There are freemen yet to wave it,
Millions who would die to save it,
Wave it, save it, evermore.
by Dexter Smith-July 4, 1876

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