Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fort Bragg, NC to Afghanistan

U.S. airmen wait to document paratroopers when they conduct a night airdrop in Fort Bragg, N.C., Oct. 21, 2008, in support of a an Army-Air Force joint forcible entry exercise.
U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Russell E. Cooley IV

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MudPuppy has safely reached his destination Somewhere in Afghanistan. Please keep him, his company and all of our brave Airman, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines in your daily thoughts and prayers. If you get a chance to check in on MudPuppy, please let him know you support him and our entire military!

May Almighty God Bless us all!


joyce said...

Dear Airman Mom, Please go over to Arkansas Army Mom's site. She finally got to speak to Chris, but it was because of the sad circumstances of her Nana's death in a car accident yesterday.

AirmanMom said...

joyce...thank you for sharing this sad news. ArkansasArmyMom and her family are in need of our prayers.

joyce said...

Thank you for posting words of encouragement. Wow. Did you see the pictures up today?

I talked to my son at Wright-Patterson on Saturday. He said that in Ohio they trick or treat on Thursday. He did not know why, and missed it as he was working. Did your son tell you about that, too?

joyce said... Another opportunity to pray. I saw this on an Army surgeons website I have been following. And a Marine wife's blog, too gave links.

Our Army son gets to come home for Veterans Day weekend, but it is funeral duty week for our son at WRight-Patterson. He tells us it is an honor, but he has had funerals on Sundays and will probably have one on Veteran's Day.

AirmanMom said...

I'll make it a point to check on AAM's blog today! I will also make certain to check out the other family's blog as well. I thank you for the introduction. John was out for the count for Halloween with his broken foot, the climbing 3 flights of stairs (other than going back anf forth to work)was not something he was up to this past weekend. He was bummed, but he nixed Halloween. Hopefully, your son will be home for Thanksgiving.

ABNPOPPA said...


Here in Ohio, we Trick or Treat based on the locality. Some areas do it on Saturday afternoon for safety reasons. Not nearly as much fun.