Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Stuff....

Today is the 22nd day of November! Do you remember this day in 1963, when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated? Even if you are too young or were not alive when this tragedy occurred, most people have seen the images countless times. Granted, I was a child…so I am not certain what I remember is actual memory versus what I have read or watched on TV. It was a terribly sad time for our country.

Now fast forward to 2008… Today is an absolutely gorgeous autumn day in Maryland! The air is crisp, most of the trees are bare and the sun is shining! I’m “grand-dog” sitting this weekend. My 30-week pregnant daughter and my son-in-law took off for New York City, a final fling before settling down into parenthood. My day will be filled making certain two puppies (both a year and a half old) wear each other out and not destroy the house while doing so! Yesterday, I spent helping the new momma hang curtains and well… honestly, that was about it. Lots of chatting, a little preparation for the Baby Shower next Saturday…just good mom/daughter time. She is radiant. When she speaks of her daughter, the love in her eyes speaks more loudly than the words themselves.

Wow...Thursday is Thanksgiving already! Where did this year go? John is coming home to spend Thanksgiving with the family! So many Blessings! Sadly, B will not be home, but my hubster and I will go to Salt Lake next month to attend his commencement at Weber State! B will most likely make a trip home soon after the new grandgirl arrives! My prayer is to soon see the day with four pieces of my heart together in one room!

Friday is BLACK FRIDAY! Woo-Hoo! My daughters and I will be members of the masses hopefully helping our economy (yeah, that’s why we do it, for the good of the land!) Black Friday has been a tradition since my daughters were teenagers. Our stories are classic and each year we know holds a new adventure in the making! We normally wrap the day up with a hearty breakfast at IHOP, except for last year. IHOP had a crazy line, so we opted to try Ryan’s Buffet instead. (Keep in mind; we began our shopping at 2am) Perhaps, we hit Ryan’s on a bad day, we have two words… NEVER AGAIN! As some of you are nestled in your beds, for a nice winters nap… know that my daughters and I will be hitting the Outlets at midnight and you will NOT find us at Ryan’s for breakfast! Perhaps Panera?

We all know these next few weeks will fly by. There is so much to do…baking, decorating, wrapping gifts and sending cards. As you sit down to write your Christmas cards to friends and family, please consider addressing one or two extra and mail them to our service members. I have Zachary and MudPuppy’s addresses. I have also received the addresses of two Airman who would appreciate receiving holiday greetings as well. Please e-mail me for their addresses, if you so desire. American Red Cross is working with Pitney Bowes on an excellent campaign called “Holiday Mail for Heroes.” American Red Cross will make certain these greeting are distributed world-wide to our military, their families and veterans. This site offers excellent suggestions of other items such as phone cards to send as well. Please do not send cards to 'A Recovering American Soldier' or ‘Any Soldier” at Walter Reed, these cards will not be delivered.
Let us all remember this is the season for giving. Our Airman, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines give to us every day of the year!


Michelle said...

She looks absolutely gorgeous. I have tears forming as I think of the conversation you might be having with her and remembering when you were carrying her. I hope it is not too soon, but I can't wait to experience this is my daughter.

I am glad that John will be home for Thanksgiving. While I won't have Shay for any of the holidays I take comfort in that I had her for over a month and we had some good times.

Like you I do not know if my "memory" of JFK are real or from news stories since then. I would have been almost 3 and I do have memories from then so who knows.

Have a great weekend.

AirmanMom said...

michelle... thank you so much for stopping by. Sharing this time with my daughter has no words. I have no doubt, when Shay carries her child, the two of you will grow even is amazing!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Lovely post! So many parts to it-- your daughter is gorgeous and she definitely glows!
My mother was pregnant with me and ironing clothes on November 22 1963. Are they remembering the day on news programs?

The Red Cross program is awesome, we can even do things here to be sent to soldiers away from their families-- I think it's such a cool concept.

and then you spoke about Black Friday. AAAAAGH. I want to do my part to help the economy, I really do-- I would love to stand outside in the cold waiting for a store to open so that I could be trampled. I miss that. Shop my share too, will you?

Tonjia said...

I remember when JFK was asassinated. I was 6 yrs old and they sent us home from school.

My parents were devastated.

Have a great time shopping and good luck on finding great bargains!

AirmanMom said...

ibhh...thank you for your kind words.. I've been reading, "Twilight" I have no idea what is on the news today. Red Cross is awesome, they help so many...and speaking of helping, sure I'll shop for you on Friday!

AirmanMom said...

tonjia... you and I are the same age...I remember sitting in front of the old console TV...such a different world back then!

Julie said...

Aw, she's beautiful! How excited you must be!!!

(I was reading Twilight all day too!)

travel girl said...

I was born two days before Kennedy was shot. My Mother said that they had to sedate many of the new Mothers has they were hysterical.

Your daughter looks so beautiful in the picture. I too, look forward to those days.

AirmanMom said...

julie...thank you for your kind words. Are you reading the first Twilight?

AirmanMom said...

tg...I can only imagine what it must have been like in the Ob ward...such sadness. I wish for you, what I share with my daughter!

Steelers Wine Girl said...

Your daughter looks beautiful! I was not even a gleam in my parents eyes when JFK was parents were both 12 years old.

I will leave the Black Friday madness to you (and my sister)! I did it once and will never again. But I'm pro Online Monday!

AirmanMom said...

swg... thanks for stopping by and good luck with shopping Online Monday! Chances are...I'll see you there ;)

Kathleen said...

What a lovely daughter...I am the grandmother of two, and my grandaughter was my first. I cannot tell you the joy that child brings!I can't wait to hear what it is like the day you look into those little eyes and you are smitten!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, we have so much to be thankful for don't we?!
Prayers for you and yours, Kathleen

AirmanMom said...

kathleen...thank you for your sweet words. Truly there is nothing quite like looking into the eyes of your daughter's daughter!