Friday, January 23, 2009

793, 12 and 1

Each of these numbers have significant meaning today!

As I type this post, there are 793 heroes waiting to be adopted. SoldiersAngels is an organization which makes it simple to adopt a soldier. Your commitment is easy; one letter each week and one package each month. It is such a small gesture, yet it means so much to these brave men and women. There are many soldiers who receive nothing at mail call. Please take a few moments, check out the website and do your small part to show support of our troops! They will be most grateful and trust will smile!

There are 12 Marines who will not be allowed to watch the Super Bowl, even though they will present the colors. According to the several articles I have read today, this is an NFL decison. Come on, Folks...this is wrong. Please read the story here. I have already fired off my e-mail, voicing my displeasure in this decision.

There is 1 new blog, I would like to introduce! My youngest son, my inspiration for this blog has decided to join the blogosphere. AFJoker is John's blog, please stop by and welcome him to our world, offer some ideas of what you would like him to post or simply give him a 'hua'.

Well, there you have it..... 793, 12 and 1!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

WOO-HOO! I received a reply to the letter I wrote earlier today regarding our Armed Forces color guard at the Super Bowl. Here is a snippet of the reply "Since we had not heard about this directly from the military, we contacted our military liaison for the color guard immediately to discuss the issue. After speaking with our military liaison for the color guard, we will host the members of the color guard (12 people) in the stadium. "
The moral of this blog: Good stuff happens, and the cost was merely a few moments of my life and a few moments from a bunch of other bloggers!


Mary said...


I was glad to read your update. I'm not sure how things like this happen. They NEVER should. Our military is so important and the men and women who serve are all heroes.

Loved meeting your son, John. I left a welcome comment on his blog.

As you know, I belong to Angels n' Camoflauge.


Bruno LoGreco said...

The soldiers that are overseas fighting for American freedom deserve letters wishing them well and a safe journey home, and with luck the 12 soldier will watch the Super Bowl.

I'm off to welcome AFJoker to the blogsphere.

Anonymous said...

I will be sure to stop over at John's blog. And check out your site link.

And look at you! A woman in action. Thank you for your work in getting the AF their well deserved places in that stadium. What would we do without ya?

Denise said...

GOOD FOR YOU........ I have been over reading the entire story and was fixing to voice my opinion also.. I just cannot imagine not letting these wonderful young men and women watch that game.....What in the world has gone wrong in our country! Kudos to you girl Kudos! I am proud!

Bogart in P Towne said...

Great Work!

AirmanMom said...

mary...I am certain your soldier appreciates you! As for how this stuff happens, who knows...but the point is when it does, we need to do something to make a wrong, right!

AirmanMom said...

bruno...thanks for visiting Joker's blog...I am certain he will appreciate the encouragement!

AirmanMom said...

HL...each and every member of our Armed Forces (including your Christopher) is one of our nations sons and daughters. They deserve only the best from us!

AirmanMom said... is always about them, our military! Our support of each member of our Armed Forces is needed! This group of Honor Guard was representing all of our military, so they deserved to watch the game.

AirmanMom said...

bogart...thanks on behalf of each and every letter writer, obviously there were oodles of us!

ABNPOPPA said...


I see the error has been corrected but I fired off an email anyway. Just to let them know there are many followers of military support blogs. Bet they think twice the next time some liberal moron, (I love that word) trys to snub our brave warriors!


AirmanMom said...

pops...your e-mail is a wonderful gesture of support for our troops! We need to keep our message loud and clear!

lolaberly said...

Good for you for emailing on behalf of the 12 guys! I've been lurking on here for a bit, and wanted to actually say hi! Many thanks to you and your family for serving (those of us with loved ones overseas are all serving together..) I look forward to reading more!

AirmanMom said...

lolaberly...thank you for stopping by! I truly enjoyed my visit to your blog and do hope to meet you at an Operation Welcome Home event at BWI soon!!!!

Ky Woman said...


You have no idea as to how much weight "our" voices carry. We are indeed blessed to have so many who care how 'Our Guys' are treated. We will let them know when they are wrong. They will correct it or face the wrath.

Whew! Great job, everyone!!

AirmanMom said...

ky...thank you for posting this issue on your blog! It is an honor to be able to do the smalles of things for our guys!