Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Hero 01/21/2009

This Weeks Post Was Suggested By Cindy

Petty Officer 2nd Class Mike A. Monsoor
Petty Officer 2nd Class Mike A. Monsoor
29 years old from Garden Grove, California
September 29, 2006
U.S. Navy

In April 2008, Michael Monsoor (who had already been posthumously awarded the Silver Star for his actions in a May 9, 2006 incident, when he and another SEAL pulled a wounded team member to safety amidst gunfire) was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. His funeral, attended, in the words of President Bush, by "nearly every SEAL on the West Coast," was held on October 12, 2006 at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego. During Monsoor's funeral service, as the casket was taken from the hearse to the gravesite, fellow SEALs lined up in two columns to slap and embed the gold Tridents (a pin awarded for successful completion of SEAL Qualification Training) from their uniforms onto the top of Monsoor's coffin.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Mike A. Monsoor's Summary Of Action.

"The procession went on nearly half an hour, and when it was all over, the simple wooden coffin had become a gold-plated memorial to a hero who will never be forgotten." - President George W. Bush

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Bruno LoGreco said...

Hero's indeed. My thoughts are with the families of all fallen soldiers.

I prey the next four or even eight years will truly be about change and ending the war abroad.

AirmanMom said...

bruno...thank you so much for taking the time to stop by!

Tami said...

Petty Officer Monsoor: a Hero among Heroes.


AirmanMom said...

aam...there are so many heroes who serve our country well! No doubt, this young man will certainly shine for all of eternity!

Bogart in P Towne said...

Thank you.

AirmanMom said...

bogart...thank you for taking the time to read of this hero!

Alice said...

Thank you for continuing to share this. It means so much. And you know it is especially close to my heart with my nephew enlisting. Thank you for your kind words on that and thank you for your prayers. I will certainly keep you posted!!!

AirmanMom said...

alice...thank you for stopping by and please knnow I will keep all of you in my prayers!

Kat said...

You know just the way to make this military wife's eyes tear up. God Bless.

AirmanMom said...

kat...please know you have my respect and prayers!

Mary Ellen said...

What a touching tribute video. I'm humbled in the face of such amazing courage and selflessness.

AirmanMom said...

me...truly we are a blessed nation!

King of New York Hacks said...

Incredible tribute...We as a nation are lucky to have you posting of our inspiring brothers and sisters. Thank you.

AirmanMom said...

king...we are blessed to know so many heroes! Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

Mary said...


Thank you for sharing about Petty Officer Monsoor. He was definitely a hero.


AirmanMom said... is always nice to have you stop by!

imbeingheldhostage said...

It breaks my heart to think what could have been from someone so respected and admired. He'll forever be a hero. Thanks for posting this!

AirmanMom said... reminds me of the words from the song "Go Rest High on the Mountain" 'son, your work on earth is done'. He accomplished so very much in his young life!