Friday, June 4, 2010

Why He Ties His Boots....

I was sitting here typing a post... sharing some random thoughts on what it's like to be the mom of two warriors.

................then my cell phone rang.

My youngest son called to let me know he may be deploying in September for six months to Afghanistan. He told me 'it's why he ties his boots.'

The post I was writing, has obviously evaporated. Perhaps, those thoughts will reappear on a new day.

Prayers are lifted....Thy will be done.


Caroline said...

Seems like you get one home & one goes doesn't it. My Aussie soldier boy deployed only this morning until late Oct/early Nov.
God bless them all.

AirmanMom said...'s what they do. I am so very proud of my sons! My prayers will be lifted for your Aussie soldier. Thank you for stopping by!

joyce said...

My son, James deploys early July.

Have you seen this ad? wow. made me cry:

AirmanMom said... prayers will be lifted for your son/ Please pass along his address, when he gets there. (I'll be praying for you as well)

joyce said...

Thank you ! I covet your prayers. Our son and his wife were married last July, and said they have been trying to get pregnant for seven months, and God answered their prayers! My son's dear wife will go through her first prenancy on their first deployment. brave gal. And we want to help any way we can. They are so cute together. so in love.

imbeingheldhostage said...

My prayers are with you, with him and our troops. God Bless our troops!!!

MightyMom said...

hard. but, gotta let em do what they do.