Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bucket List Vacay Twenty Ten-Part II

...and we're off!

Hubster and I had a blast during Part I!!! We drove twelve hours from Maryland to Atlanta, arrived in a hotel room with no A/C, switched rooms and then it was off to watch the Nationals take on the Braves! By far, Turner Field (The Ted) was THE most fun of all stadiums we have visited! Between the Tomahawk Chop, the gigantic Tom-Tom which sounds like thunder and the lights going out when their relief pitcher, Wagner took the mound... Oh. My. Goodness. We met Mr. Coffeypot and his ultra-cute wife for breakfast on Thursday morning. Loved them! It was then off to Charleston, SC for Hubster's Boat Reunion. So many stories, so little time right now. Some highlights: after returning from dinner one night, we pull into the parking lot to find 6 FireTrucks with lights on...drove around back to the parking lot and there were a couple more (did I mention we had our beast, Luke on the trip with us?) AirmanMom's heart was thumping, until I laid eyes on my beast and saw he was OK. It was a false alarm, however the entire hotel was evacuated! Hubster was totally in his element among his "Crunch Crew" shipmates. The Crunch Crew is the bunch of guys who were on the USS RAY when it hit a mountain. Yep, they were ten days out...oh, I failed to mention these were the first ten days ever that Hubster was on a boat! Yep, fresh out of Boot Camp and Nuke School, then flown to Sardinia to join the boat which was underway... he got on the boat and then they crashed. By the grace of God, no fatalities...but the boat had to surface and go to port for repairs. We have lots of great photos, great stories...but for now we have a plane to catch for Chicago! Tonight, I will give MudPuppy a hug and watch the Orioles vs. White Sox game with him. Good times! Sunday, we are picking up my high school classmate, P (we walked in honor of her son in July) and heading to Milwaukee for a Brewers game, then Monday night is Wrigley Field to see the Cubs. It looks as though I have a month's worth of posting (with photos) ahead!

Until we meet again...I ask that you continue to keep our Soldiers in your prayers, and if you happen upon a Soldier please pause to thank them for their service.


Coffeypot said...

You guys are haveing way too much fun. Next year I'm going with you as your other pet. You think you do is a beast...

AirmanMom said... year is a bus ride to New York City and Boston, are you coming along????
Chicago is a blast! MudPuppy in person...I have no words!

Call Me Grandma said...

Have fun and safe travels.

AirmanMom said...

Thank you, Grandma! We had a blast!!!!