Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some Sunday Thoughts.....

As summertime winds down, all I can say is "YAY"!
The weather has been brutal!!! We're breaking records all over the place. For the first time since Memorial Day, we have finally had 4 days in a row below 90 degrees! And in this area, when you have heat you have humidity! Heat factors have been well over 100 degrees too many days! Ugh! I work outside and trust has been miserable! Saying Goodbye, Summer is happiness! (Thanks for allowing me to rant a bit)

Allow me to ask my Prayer Warriors to lift prayers for my Bright-Eyed Beauty. She is going in for an MRI on Monday morning...the sweet thing has been experiencing tremendous headaches. The neurologist has been able to scratch seizures off the list, which is good news. There is a possibility she is suffering from migraines or it could be her cyst on her brain is growing. Please keep my daughter and son-in-law in your prayers...truly it is heartbreaking to see a 3 year-old in such pain and now to be placed under in anesthesia.

This week begins our Bucket List Vacay Twenty-Ten Part I... Wednesday morning we are heading out before dawn for an eleven hour drive to Atlanta! We'll catch the Nationals-Braves game at Turner Field on Wednesday night! Hubster is looking forward to it, since he is a Nats fan...actually he is from Philly so he is a National League fan. Needless to say, this American League girl shows much tolerance towards her Hubster's major flaw! (kidding...kinda)

Thursday morning, we are going to have the honor of meeting a fellow Blogger,CoffeyPot! I am so looking forward to meeting this colorful character, and Hubster is looking forward to it as well! Please keep our friend CoffeyPot in your prayers this coming week, his family is facing difficult choices of a loved one. Love Ya, CoffeyPot!

Following breakfast with CoffeyPot, we are heading to Charleston, South Carolina for Hubster's Boat Reunion. He has not seen many of these guys since he departed from the Navy in 1981! We are touring the USS Hunley, which should be a blast! Good times! We'll drive home on Sunday and then it is back to work, for a very abbreviated work-week!

Bucket List Vacay Twenty-Ten Part II will begin the following Thursday, as we catch a flight to Chicago! Chicago is most definitely one of those cities I have been looking forward to visiting! The absolute Chocolate-Double-Fudge icing on the cake will be meeting my beloved SoldierSon, MudPuppy!!!!! I am so frikkin' excited! I know just seeing him, will cause the MomTears to roll. Oh, how hard I have prayed for this he prepared for his deployment, during his one year deployment in Afghanistan and since he has returned home. Taking in a White Sox-Orioles game will be an amazing experience! I can't wait!!! While in Chicago, we will also take in a Cubs game at Wrigley Field! One day, we'll rent a car and drive a couple hours to Milwaukee to see the Brewers! It is my hope that we can meet up with my high school friend, Patty...we saw each other for the first time since the 70's on the 4th of July... I had the honor of walking with her in honor of her son who passed away in April- Compassionate Friends Walk. We'll fly home and it will be September!!! Yay!

It is now safe to announce the great opportunity for my youngest daughter, who has been offered and accepted a new position at another hospital in the NICU! I am so very proud of her! Change is not something Marie embraces easily, but she knows this hospital will open doors for her to become a better nurse! Oh, the places she'll go! I'd like to also wish Marie and her husband a Happy Anniversary!!!

My guys are doing well! B is doing well in his 'Nonner' position and John is doing well at Wright-Patterson! My heart is constantly bursting with pride when I stop and think of these two brilliant and brave sons of mine!

So there you have it...the rambling thoughts of AirmanMom. Please keep our Soldiers in your constant prayers. If you happen upon one of our Warriors, take a moment to say "Thank you". I guarantee you will bring a smile to their face and your heart will swell a bit!


Coffeypot said...

Needless to say, I will be sending bou kou prayers up for little Miss Bright-Eyed Beauty. No child should have to suffer like that. While touring the Sub, be sure to tour the USS Laffie. She is my sister ship and I enjoy going onboard every time I visit Charleston. And I look forward to Thursday, but may have to cancel. Monday AM, plugs will be pulled and machines turned off and then it’s only up to God and Mary - she is such a fighter. Will let you know soon.

AirmanMom said... prayers are lifted for you, your sister and your entire family during this most difficult time. You've got my number, call regarding Thursday.

joyce said...

have they tried adjusting her diet? one of my daughter-in-laws fellow Army wives suffered headaches, migraines, and they took her off msg and sweeteners.

MightyMom said...

oh poor babe. hope the CT/MRI is all negatorio!
hooray for Marie!! I'm hoping to get into NICU sooner or later....

Debbie said...

I know. It's been ages. Wow. You are one busy lady, my friend!

I will keep your sweet little angel in my prayers, of course. And NICU? What a wonderful position. Takes a very special person for this job :)

Heat? Humidity? Oh yuck ugh. NC is the same.