Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Talking Tuesday

So it appears the United States Air Force is once again looking for a motto.
You can read the entire article HERE. When you hear the words, "Semper Fi", you think Marines. It is the hope of the Air Force to find a motto as catchy and lasting.
I have been a fan of "Aim High"..it works. "Above All" leaves the question...above all what? Can the Air Force find a motto which will have the staying power as "Army Strong" and "Semper Fi"?
Any ideas???

Your turn..........................


Coffeypot said...


Coffeypot said...

How about in the Latin:

Flying High = Volatilis Altus
Death From The Air = Nex Ex Aer

Bag Blog said...

That is pretty funny, Coffeypot.

Sarge Charlie said...

Mr coffee is on a roll today. how about "zoomies rule"

Mike Golch said...

I still think Aim Hi,is the one!