Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, S-I-L

There is nothing in this world a mother desires more for her daughter, than to marry her Prince Charming. My daughter has truly found her Prince and our family is so blessed to call him one of our own. I could have searched the world over, and not have chosen a better man for my daughter!(because that is what we moms want to do)

On this day, I wish this extraordinary man, a Happy Birthday. May this new year of his life be filled with all that he gives to so, smiles, and warmth.

Thirty-Six Things I Love About You...

1. How deeply, truly, unconditionally you love my daughter.
2. Precious
3. Bright-Eyed Beauty
4. Belle
5. A strong, Christian husband and father.
6. Orioles Fan
7. Enjoys Led Zeppelin music
8. Has an addicting smile
9. Brilliant
10. Works hard to provide for his family
11. Accepts our family
12. Offers me a glass of water, when I am almost completely dehydrated
13. Is an excellent listener
14. Willing to learn how to do any and all handyman chores
15. A loving son to his mom
16. Outstanding role model for the children in his Church
17. Witty
18. Has learned how to cook
19. Can play ParachuteMan like the best (Pa)
20. Patient
21. Has only kind words for others
22. Plays with a Bright Pink Etch-A-Sketch and doesn't mind a photo taken of him doing so
23. Owns a nice collection of MatchBox cars
24. Gentle
25. Outstanding Sports Editor
26. Has no worries about showing his 'goofy' side
27. My daughter's Rock
28. Will play Candyland for hours
29. Warms a room, just by entering
30. Has a book deal-yay!
31. Faithful to the Lord, his wife and his daughters
32. Optimist
33. Comforts my daughter, when she needs it
34. Has a brain packed full of baseball knowledge
35. Is willing to defend that band called the Beatles, knowing his M-I-L believes the Rolling Stones are the finest of all bands-EVER! (this debate will go on for ever)
36. He calls me Momma


Bag Blog said...

He sounds wonderful: does he have a brother? I joke, but you understand that I want such a man for my daughter too (a mother thang). And someday it will happen, because I do pray for him.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday to your SIL and many blessings to him.

AirmanMom said...

bag prayers will be lifted you know such a day! Thanks for stopping by.

Coffeypot said...

On No.35 you are both wrong. It's Peter, Paul and Mary. HAHAHAHA

Happy Birthday, S.I.L.

AirmanMom said...

coffeypot...we must agree to disagree on this topic. :)
Thank you for stopping by!

Caroline said...

Sorry Airman Mom have to side with SIL -The Beatles!!

Debbie said...

Beatles for me...sorry!

This is wonderful and might I add...S.I.L. has a terrific M.I.L.

kelly c said...

we love you! the s-i-l really appreciated the post. :) thank you.

kelly c said...

ps - i had the girlies make a 36 things we love about daddy for his 36th birthday list. :) great minds think alike!

MightyMom said...


I can forgive you liking the Stones....they're alright.

But JPG&R are sooooo muuuuuch better!!!!