Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Talking Tuesday

This morning I read an article on Stars & Stripes website...a soldier is being held in the slaying of 2 soldiers in Fallujah. Please read the entire article HERE.

What is going on??????

Your turn......................


Sarge Charlie said...

"saddened by this tragic event.", that sums it up. These guys are under a lot of stress and anything can set them off.

Debbie said...

Agree with Sarge. What are we doing to our young men and women? I worry so much. I read somewhere a guy was on his NINTH deployment?

I wish somehow the military could keep these things private. I don't think it's good to let everyone in the world know these things.

MightyMom said...

remember the "abuse" that took place at the hands of the military in the prisoner camps????

remember the "murder of innocents" that took place where the soldiers were brought up on charges???

remember the Navy Seals that took their case to court to prove their innocence....and then the case against them fell apart???

What is happening is an ubiquitous undercutting of our military...by trumping up charges against them for doing their job, and doing it well and with integrity. Oh yeah, and them our media-shit-birds (sorry.) publicize the heck out of the trumped up nonsense without bothering to verify facts first. Not only does this tear down the public's perception of our honored vets by making them look like this generation's version of "the baby killers" (sorry.) But it is costing us victory simply because thw soldier's hands are tied by the PR game. (ie, yes, bullets are coming from THAT building at our heds...but we can't shoot back because that's a house and there MIGHT be someone in there who's innocent of shooting at us...)

and my hubby could give you many more details and instances if you need them......