Tuesday, September 7, 2010

National Suicide Prevention Week

September 5th through the 11th marks the 36th Annual National Suicide Prevention Week. You can read more about it HERE.

Our nation is facing desperate times, which simply are not healing. Between the unemployment rates, the housing situation (except the fact interest rates are down!), disgruntled employees taking offices hostage... stress, stress, stress-piled on by sadness and frustration. A stick of dynamite with a short fuse!

And then of course... our Soldiers. Coming home with mangled bodies and minds. Dear God in Heaven...

I'm only AirmanMom with small hands and a small voice. I urge each of you to take an hour this week, to contact a Soldier. Reach out to a family member who appears to be fighting demons. Smile gently to the person standing in line at the grocery store. Say 'Thank You' to the waitress who serves you a meal. Leave cookies in your mailbox for the Postman. Shake the hand of a man or woman wearing our Military Uniform.

We don't know how deeply someone may be hurting and you may make a difference in their lives with a small touch of kindness. Everybody Hurts Sometimes.

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