Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MudPuppy's Blog

MudPuppy is writing once again!

Allow me to thank those of you who have taken a few moments to e-mail asking how he is doing. The answers are now in writing.

I have no doubt you too, will read his words with tears in your eyes and a grateful heart.

He's one of my sons.

I've met him. I've hugged him. I've had a few beers with him at a White Sox vs. Orioles game. We've shared a super yummy Chicago Pizza. I've met the most important people in his life...his mom and his brother. And only God knows how many prayers I have lifted for him, since the day I first read his Blog.

We have come to know MudPuppy the Soldier through Embrace The Suck. But those of us who truly care for him, have read deeper to learn of MudPuppy the man. It is this man... I care for, I love and I pray for every single day.

Son, your happiness is so important to me. Your physical and emotional health mean so much. You are a blessing to so many people.

Please stop by Mudpuppy's blog, show him you care.


Coffeypot said...

He did have a good post today. It can be part of his healing.

Lori P said...

Hope he knows how much he means to us! I was thrilled to see he posted today!!

Mud Puppy said...

I'm good Mom.

If I ever decide to go off the deep end again, I'll call ya first!


Sarge Charlie said...

been there/did that