Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Talking Tuesday


Not sure how many of you are Nascar Fans, but I'll post this anyway.

I'm a fan. Yep... it may be considered a 'redneck' sport, so be it.
At the beginning of every single race, there is prayer.
At the beginning of every single race, Our Nation Anthem is respectfully sung.
At the beginning of every single race, most of the drivers place their hands over their hearts during The Star Spangled Banner.

For those of you who are not fans...go to one race in your life. Honestly. I've been to Dover (a few times), Charlotte and Pocono Raceways. OK...a bunch of grown men climbing into their cars...going fast and turning left for a couple hours. But talk about POWER! The earth moves, the noise is deafening and the excitement from the crowd is craziness!

The Daytona 500 is the 'Super Bowl', the 'World Series', the 'Masters' of Race Car Driving. It is the opening race of a new season (OK, a bit backwards). This past weekend a 20-year old kid by the name of Trevor Baynes won, on the tenth anniversary of Dale Earnhardt's death at this track. I mention this, because those of you who are not fans, don't 'have a driver'. Watch this kid...he will be around for decades to come (God willing).

As a teen, I was a die-hard Richard Petty fan. To the point, I actually aspired to be a Stock Car driver. I witnessed one of the King's final race (yay!) Once he retired, I became a Kyle Petty fan. Yep, me and about four other people on the planet! Now that Kyle is no longer driving, I am a Michael Waltrip fan...primarily because he is such an animated personality. He'll retire soon and I will then root for young Trevor.

Alright...I've done enough talking this Tuesday morning...
So why this post? There's lots of controversy whether or not the Army Car should be in the line up. For those of you not familiar with the sport, each car/driver have a sponsor which funds the team. The Army sees this sponsorship as a recruiting tool. You can read more HERE.

Your turn..............................


Paxie said...

Being in NC, you would THINK someone, as in my son, would have taken me to either Charlotte or Martinsville. NOOOOOOO.

I grew up watching Richard Petty at Bowman Gray Stadium and many others. I loved the races there on Saturday night. I love Nascar.

Unfortunately, there is only one driver that can be mentioned around my son LOL. And his name has been mentioned as a winner so long, I can't mention it here. That number is everywhere I look around here.

I've been to Daytona and Talledega tracks. There was no race. Sigh.

Coffeypot said...

I have been a NASCAR fan since the 60's (back when the cars were real and the men were men). I have a picture of my daughter being held by Richard Petty, I was able to work in a pit crew at Darlington, and I have also been to ATL, Daytona, Talladega, Charlotte, Rockingham and all the bull rings around GA, AL, NC, TN and FL. And I thought it was cool that the Woods Brothers were back in the winners circle. Also, their number 21 adds up to 3.