Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Twenty-Eleven

Well...this is more of a reflection post.

Mother's Day is a wacky time of year, for those of us in the Garden Center world.
We. Are. Busy.
It's fun chaos. Working outdoors and having all your senses tickled...hardly call it working at times. Well, I take that back. I'm exhausted. It's good-old fashioned labor, which requires a good night sleep as the only means to recover. Truth is, to be surrounded by God's finest gifts...a blue sky, lots of vibrant flowers and the scent of lilac is good.

After a busy day of work, the family met at my daughter, K's for dinner. Spending a few hours with my daughters and their daughters, is time I cherish. My daughters have grown into amazing, strong women who adore their families. I am so deeply proud of both my girls. And yes....Marie is expecting #2 in October!!!! I will be a Nana to six precious babies by the end of Twenty-Eleven. God is good!

I received roses from both my sons and phone calls! It is always so good to hear their voices! I do miss them. So here is a question for you... John and Diann are getting married next weekend (I know, can you believe it is here already?) Can you help with suggestions for the Mom/Son dance????

In closing, I wish all my readers a Happy Mother's Day.
To my WingSisters and all Blue Star Moms... thank you for being supportive and loving of our Service Members.
To all Gold Star Moms... words are unable to express my heartfelt thanks for the ultimate sacrifice your child made for the United States.

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Paxie said...

You are so very blessed to have such a big, beautiful and wonderful family!

I'm sure you had an amazing day :)

Have no clue on the dance. I should be thinking of this as well. Mine will one day marry...hopefully!