Thursday, June 30, 2011

"I'll See You Soon"

His final words from Afghanistan to his family were, "I'll see you soon".

Twenty-One year old Marine Lance Cpl. John F. Farias was killed Tuesday, June 28th. He was weeks away from celebrating his 22nd birthday. Farias was an Eagle Scout and then enlisted with the Marines in 2009. He deployed in April.

You can hear this young hero's voice and see his face HERE.

May Almighty God bless this Brave Marine.
May Almighty God comfort those who love him so.


Sarge Charlie said...

so many, so young, so sad

AirmanMom said... very sad!

Mike Golch said...

Sarge just like the so many from our Generatione that never came home from Nam.

Julie said...

That makes me so sad. I will hug my son extra hard these evening.

Bridge said...

so sad, he's just a baby. my age.... so so sad

AirmanMom said... many of our fallen, were so very young.

AirmanMom said...

julie...please pass along an extra hug from me.

AirmanMom said... and I will have to make a point of going to BWI for an Operation Welcome Home event. There are so many heartbreaking stories...and then there is welcoming the ones who come home, it's an amazing feeling!