Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Talking Tuesday

Rolling Thunder was an awesome experience! Truly, there is nothing like the roar of 400,000 motorcycles through the streets of Washington, DC. If you have yet to experience this, I encourage you to do so...one day! The photos, the news clips dont't touch the emotional side of being among so many Vietnam Veterans.

Rolling Thunder's Mission is simple: Incorporated in 1995, Rolling Thunder, Inc. is a class 501(c)(4) non-profit organization with over 90 chartered chapters throughout the United States and members abroad. While many members of Rolling Thunder are veterans and many ride motorcycles, neither qualification is a prerequisite. Rolling Thunder members are old and young, men and women, veterans and non-veterans. All are united in the cause to bring full accountability for Prisoners Of War (POW) and Missing In Action (MIA) of all wars, reminding the government, the media and the public by our watchwords: “We Will Not Forget.”

Next year is the 25th Anniversary of Rolling Thunder, I believe it will be a day not soon forgotten! Please read more about Rolling Thunder HERE!

Motorcycles from all across the Nation rally in the Pentagon Parking Lot.

Hubster and his Escort.

The Lone Marine. SSgt. Tim Chambers has held a salute while every single motorcycle passes him, for the past six Rolling Thunders! Look at the crowds!!! Pure awesomeness!!!

AirmanMom with WingSis, ShaysMa. We met a few years ago in a Yahoo BlueStar Chat, became Blogging Buddies and for the 2nd year in a row have shared good memories at Rolling Thunder. This is now our tradition; Ride in Rolling Thunder, grab some lunch and visit The Wall. Love her!

What do you feel are our top Vietnam Veterans concerns? How can we as everyday citizens make this a better place for those who have so bravely served our Nation?

Your turn.......................


Sarge Charlie said...

thanks for taking me along for the ride, i would love to be there in person.

what in my concern....cancer, it is still killing us.

Coffeypot said...

How long does SSgt. Tim Chambers have to hold that salute? Over an hour I bet.

The biggest thing that can be done with our Vietnam vets is make it easier for them to receive their benefits. Too much paperwork and hassle. Too many claims turned down because of incompetence in the VA. Not all are bad, but enough to make it a crucible to get benefits.

AirmanMom said...

sarge...here is your official invitation to join us next year!!!!

AirmanMom said...

coffeypot... believe it or not he held the salute with a broken wrist this year! He waited until after RT to have his broken wrist placed in a cast!
p.s. invitation is open for you to join us as well!