Friday, July 29, 2011

Somebody's Son

U.S. Marine Sgt. Ron Jojola, 29, of Fontana, Calif. , with the HMH-461 squadron out of the Marine Corps Air Station New River, N.C. , hangs a new American flag inside a CH-53E helicopter before taking off from Bastion Air Field Wednesday, July 27, 2011 in Helmand province, Afghanistan

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Friday posts are random photos of our Soldiers.
We must remember each and every Airman, Soldier, Sailor and Marine have a face.
Our brave Heroes have familiy and friends who love them so.
Let us not forget....


Sarge Charlie said...

I have one of those flags that flew over Iraq, my granddaughter is married to a navy jet jockey. He sent me the flag from Iraq. He deployed aboard an Aircraft Carrier yesterday, on his way to the Indian Ocean, they will patrol over Afghanistan.

T.O. Geezer said...

Great photo and a good reminder that we need to always remember and pray for our military men and women.

God bless and have a great weekend :-)


AirmanMom said... doubt you cherish this incredible gift. I'm certain your grandson-in-law feels very blessed to have you in his family!

AirmanMom said...

geezer...truly, we must keep our warriors in our hearts and minds all day, every day!

Sue said...

Indeed, these photos are such a wonderful reminder that, while the photos are random, none of the men or women who serve are "random." They are all important in God's eyes, and covered by His love. And He knows each and every name of every Soldier, Airman, Marine, Sailor, or Coastie. Now THIS I find so important and incredibly comforting.
Knowing that your two Airmen are included in that number,

AirmanMom said...

sue...I could not agree more with your comment. So much so, I actually searched for a different word, than 'random'. However the photos are meant to be random shots of our Heroes...