Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Okay... so today, I stop by the Air Force Recruiter's Office in Frederick, to follow up a phone call John had placed concerning RAP (I'll post on this next time!) The Airman behind the desk was in RAP, so we began to chat. This young man, was sharing that he had left for BMT on 12.18.2007, was able to spend Christmas and New Year's at Lackland. He then had the pleasure of attending Tech School at Lackland (tongue in cheek)... I chuckled with him, as he reflected on being able to hear his TI's voice each and every day! He asked about John's TI, I shared the name and this Airman's replied that this fine gentleman was THE toughest at Lackland! GULP!
John, my respect for what you endured those 6-1/2 weeks, went to the moon in that instant! Son, you are awesome!
I never, ever want or need to hear details... as I was told at Graduation...what goes on in the Dayroom, stays in the Dayroom. Uh-huh!
Hmmmm...what doesn't kill ya, makes ya stronger????
John, I do love you so!!!!!!!!!

~ ~ ~ ~
TI=Training Instructor
BMT=Basic Military Training
RAP=Recruiter Assistance Program
GULP=Mom's reaction

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bass51 said...

What a great idea! "AirmanMom", I'm so proud of you for doing this and letting us know about it. Those of us who have known John his whole life are also so proud of him for the great man he has become! I think there is no greater calling than serving your country as he has chosen to do!

Every time I take a tour group to the Air Force Memorial in Virginia, or one of the war Memorials in DC, I think of John and silently say a little prayer for him. May God keep him and his comrades-in-arms safe as they protect me, my family and our nation. God bless them all!