Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

I received this from John and felt the need to share:

To the Airmen of the United States Air Force and their Families:
This coming Monday, in an act of national unity, American men,women, and children will pauseto honor our fallen heroes in communities across the globe. MemorialDay offers a time for quietreflection and meaningful assembly as we remember and pay tribute tothose who made the ultimatesacrifice in the service of our grateful nation.
Our fallen acted selflessly to advance the cause of liberty. Theyleave behind families,friends, communities, and fellow warriors who rebuild and pressforward, yet forever feel thevacancy and sorrow that remain. To all who have lost a loved one inthe course of militaryservice, please know that the nearly 700,000 Airmen of the Total Force- Regular, Guard, Reserveand Civilian - share your sorrow. We understand your heartache on adeep personal level, and thededication of your loved ones to their country endures in our thoughtsand actions. We aregrateful for your resilience and your continued commitment tofundamental freedoms for allpeople.
The United States honors and respects the noble tradition ofmilitary service. It is animmense privilege to be entrusted with the preservation of America'sfreedom. Airmen embrace thisprivilege and recognize that we follow in the footsteps of ourcountry's courageous heroes, many ofwhom paid with their lives to turn back the forces of tyranny. Theircourage inspires andmotivates us as we face today's challenges.
Airmen will forever protect and defend American values and our wayof life against anyaggressor. Airmen serve with our Joint partners to secure the idealsembodied in ourConstitution. Airmen stand as America's sentinels in an unwaveringcommitment to the rule of law,individual human rights, and democratic governance.
Congress has asked Americans everywhere to pause at 3 p.m. onMonday to observe a NationalMoment of Remembrance. Whether you find yourself on or off base atthat moment, we ask for theAirmen of the world's greatest Air Force, and their families, to pausein reverence for ourfallen. In so doing, you stand with families, friends, communities,and fellow warriors to honorour departed heroes with respectful remembrance and thankful hearts.

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