Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Phase II

Congrats, My Son!
Not only have you advanced to Phase II, you scored well on the test! As a mom, watching on the sidelines as your child step by step places themselves right where they are meant to be...it takes my breath away. I know the challenges of the past eight weeks have been enormous...much more than most will ever endure. But here you are... doing it, because this is what you want. Many don't understand, why would anyone join the military during this "conflict". My answer, my thought...the reason my son graduated with 532 other Airmen a few weeks ago...they believe! They believe in what has made our country strong, they believe in our founding fathers, they believe in our flag, they believe in God. Simply, my message to those who see the world differently... please respect those who choose to fight for our freedoms. Not everyone agrees, so be it. Simple respect.
To my son, Gods Speed.
To all the other sons and daughters, thank you!
Pray hard!
Stay Strong!
John, I do love you so!

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