Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bustin' on the inside!

I know, I know... today is Flag Day and I have posted...
BUT... as much as this day renews my pride in being an American... I'm bustin' on the inside knowing the simple fact... John will be home this time next week!
Granted, Uncle Sam has not delivered John's orders yet, therefore there is no plane ticket yet, there is no RAP yet... but yet is simply a matter of time.
One final block test, less than two dozen briefings, packing what is needed from stop-HOME!
I know John is as ready to come home, as I am ready to have him home. How will it feel to be home, to this new John? Does the house still have the familiar smells? Will the town look different? I would imagine he has a brand new perspective of everything in life, but is home still home? What will his mind's eye see? Or is it simply a rush of emotions?
So..I have a busy semi-week ahead-a banner to create, a menu list with grocery shopping of some favorites, fill the car tank up with gas and simply wait for the magical moment when I see my son's smiling eyes once again!
John, I do love you so!

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