Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ten Days and a WakeUp!

Days at Keesler are quickly coming to an end! John passed yet another Block Test, congrats, John! Slow and steady wins it all! Hopefully, this next segment of Tech School will be more "hands on"...changing Mother Boards, along with other computer maintenance. John will excel in this area! Our basement is filled with oodles of computers, parts, cables, manuals, software..which took up more space in John's bedroom, than his bed and belongings!
I had mentioned the next post would be regarding RAP, however John is still waiting on his orders to RAP is on stand-by. It's been a zany several weeks in Beautiful Biloxi.. however, John is working hard to remain strong.
If all goes according to plan, John will be heading home on June 19th! Participating in RAP (Recruiters Assistance Program) will give him 12 days of non-chargeable leave. He is required to work as an assistant to an Air Force Recruiter, eight hours a day...but he will be home! It will be an outstanding opportunity for John to reach other young men and women who are interested in becoming an Airman.
Ten Days and a WakeUp!!!
Not that far away!
Pray Hard!
Stay Strong!
John, I do love you so!

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