Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Welcome Home!


John looks great... so confident and proud. Although an enormous life change has occurred over the last sixteen weeks, his eyes still smile, the dimple still exists and the twinkle is still alive in his eyes.
Forever a piece of my heart, forever my son.

Hanging out with a sister in mom's kitchen, life is good!
It was fun to watch them together, to hear the silliness and laughter.

A brother and sister...together.

Saturday we took a trip to Arlington Cemetary...not only did we witness the changing of the guard, we we felt honored to watch two wreath laying ceremonies as well. It was then off to visit both the Vietnam and World War II Memorials.
How fortunate we are to live in this country, to be able to freely walk these grounds.
We must never forget!

Saturday night was playing cards at a neighbor's home until after midnight. It's amazing the difference in having John's mere presence in a room. Just the simple things. Sunday morning John and I attended Service and then he spent the rest of the day in the garage tinkering on the car. When John was asked how he did with the whole airplane deal, he replied that BMT taught him how to conquer his fears. I'm guessing John will have love/hate feelings towards his TI for a long time to come!

It's so good to have John home... to know he has this little chunk of time to revisit who he was, as he moves forward to develop who he will become.
John, I do love you so!!!

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