Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Talking Tuesday

Gates Rebuffs Calls for Afghan Timeline (click to read entire Military.com article, then come right back!)

Is an Afghan timeline a good idea?

Your turn..........


MightyMom said...

is a timeline for any military effort a good idea??

now, remember, this is the MILITARY we're talking about. THE inventor of "hurry up and wait". Toooooo many stories around of the military saying "we're leaving at 1000 on Tuesday" only to find the group sitting around from 1000 till 1400 waiting to hear "go".

from the little things to the big ones. let's say there's a deadline..."all troops will be un-deployed by Saturday" ....well, what if the enemy wages a major affront on friday night? you still gonna send everyone home?? after all, you PROMISED.......and if you don't think there'll be hell to pay for breaking that promise look at the controversy over stop-loss. (which boils down to the same thing....I'm contracted till 2011 but you PROMISED that I could be done fighting in 2009)

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christian soldier said...


christian soldier said...

addendum -my post on this issue-