Thursday, November 5, 2009

Not At Home!

I've spent this afternoon watching the coverage of the shooting at Fort Hood.

My heart hurts.

My Prayers are lifted for the fallen soldiers, who by the Grace of God returned home...only to be shot down in their own backyard.

My Prayers for healing of those who have been injured.

My Prayers go to the families who were enjoying a 'normal' day, only to have their worlds fall apart hearing of a loved one killed or injured on an Army Base.

As a Mom, my level of fear has certainly gone up a notch. This incident happened at Fort Hood... this time. We think as long as our sons are stateside, they are not in harms' way. I've always thought of Military Bases to be a bubble of sorts. Obviously, our world holds no bubbles.

Will this prove to be an act of terror? One man has certainly altered the lives of so many. The fallen, the injured, the families, along with each and every Service Member walking on a "Secure Base". What is secure anymore?

I'm thinking of the soldiers returning home tomorrow at BWI. How many of them will be flying on to Fort Hood, to learn of comrades killed or injured? They believed they were coming home to safety.

My heart hurts.


Coffeypot said...

Mine too, AM.

Bag Blog said...

Living in OK is a reminder of what people can and will do to each other. I knew people who were killed in the OKC bombing and I still cannot fathom such crazieness. I grieve for the families of the Ft. Hood soldiers.

MightyMom said...

sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad scared