Monday, November 9, 2009

"The Way We Get By"

Over the weekend, I caught an interesting interview of a small elderly group. Since May 2003, these senior citizens have been going to an airport in Bangor, Maine to send off soldiers as they deploy and to welcome them as they return to U.S. soil. Over 900,000 soldiers have been greeted by this dedicated group.

On Veterans Day, November 11th...their story will be aired on PBS. Please visit PBS to check the time it is airing in your local area or better yet, order the video!

As most of you know, I am a volunteer with Operation Welcome Home-Maryland. The true honor of shaking hands with our heroes as they step off the plane, takes my breath away every single time. Soldier after soldier walk by our 'parade route' and it never ceases to amaze me how thankful they are to see us! They thank us! I mean THEY. THANK. US! At one point in the interview, the word 'addiction' was used...and it's true! If it were not for the fact I live an hour and a half from the airport...I would be there to greet every plane which lands with our soldiers returning home! Greeting our troops is something I need to do. I need to let them know they are coming home to a grateful nation. I need our soldiers to feel loved and appreciated. I need to see their smiling faces, and know that they are safely home! How grateful I am, to know there is our core group at OWH greeting the flights of soldiers returning through BWI.

Please look into watching "The Way We Get By" on PBS. The website is filled with excellent ideas on how to make posters, if you have the opportunity to greet our troops. Along the left sidebar are many useful links of ideas how to help our service members through the USO and other wonderful organizations.

If you have a few more moments, please watch the trailer (don't forget to pause my music on the right sidebar!)


Bag Blog said...

If that doesn't make you feel proud to be an American, nothing will.

lola said...

They had a showing of this movie during.. some sort of veterans movie spotlight or something in DC a few months ago. I think I heard about it via the IAVA. Bill (one of the greeters) was there and also one of the producers. It was really cool to hear about it and get to ask questions after the movie. And yes, it's excellent! :)

MRMacrum said...

I have made the pigramage to Bangor 4 hours away a couple of times now. It is indeed touching to see the gratitude of the troops as the old gnarled hands of grandmas and grandpas pat them on their shoulders and shake their hands. The troops truly appreciate the gestures of these dedicated supporters. And the supporters definitely appreciate the sacrifices of these younger soldier citizens. There are no politcs in these moments.

Your post touched me deeply. I lost a nephew over there. Thank You

AirmanMom said...

bag blog...this group is truly an inspiration to us all!

AirmanMom said...

lola...I do look forward to watching. It was a wonderful interview, they are amazing!

AirmanMom said...

MRMarcrum...I am so sorry for your family's loss. It's an awesome experience to welcome home our troops home...but we must never forget those who did not come home. Thank you so very much for stopping by!