Sunday, June 14, 2009

One More Proud Poolesville Son!

Captain Michael Fox, born and raised in Poolesville has become the face spokesman for the U.S. Marine Corp Fixed-Wing Pilots!

Mike will be on the U.S. Marine Corps' brochures and posters as the Marine Corps' increases the size of its fixed-wing arsenal domestically. The brochures and posters will be distributed throughout the nation by the end of the year, as a major recruitment tool for the U.S. Marine Corps' Pilots Program.

For now, Captain Fox can be seen on the Marine Corps website, as he narrates a video of the training and education required to become a Marine Corps fixed-wing pilot. Mike describes his flights with the famous Harrier aircraft that he flies and train with in the United States. The Harrier fighter plane is one of the Marine Corps finest fighter planes.

Please read the rest of the story HERE. If you have a few moments to watch the video, please remember to pause the Playlist on the right sidebar.

Congratulations to another fine son of our town. Poolesville may be small in numbers, but we are huge in heroes!

Love and support to both my sons, B and John!

Prayers to Zachary!

Thinking of Andrew and Joseph!

Congratulations to Michael!

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