Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Talking Tuesday

I'm an American.

I've lived in the same county of the same state, my entire life!

I've spoken English since I was a toddler, except for my Latin classes in High School.

And then......I was introduced to a whole new language.


Yep, between my hubster and two sons...I have learned there is a whole different language among those who serve our nation. They speak in acronyms.

Hmmmm...perhaps a warning should have been posted! Oh well.... If this post is more than you can handle today, please come back tomorrow!!! (No disrespect intended to anyone... this is meant to be fun!!!)

ARMY - AF Rejected Me Yesterday
ARMY - Aren't Ready to be Marines Yet
BCG - Birth Control Goggles
BOHICA - Bend Over, Here It Comes Again
BOSS - Being On Ships Sucks
CAC - Common Access Card
DEH - Don't Expect Help
DILLIGAF - Does It Look Like I Give A Fu*%
EUSTIS - Even Uncle Sam Thinks It Sucks
FIDO - Fu*% It, Drive On
FILTAB - Fu*% it, let's take a break
FNG - Fu*%ing New Guy
FUBAR - Fu*%ed Up Beyond Any Recognition
HQ - Headquarters
LGH - Let's Go Home
LLMF - Lost Like a Mother Fu*%er
LOST - Looking Over Strange Terrain
MARINES - My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment Sir
MRE - Meals Rejected by Ethiopians
NAVY - Need Any Vaseline Yet
OMGIF - Oh My God, I'm Fu*%ed
PT - Physical Training
S&G - Shits 'N Giggles
SNAFU - Situation Normal All Fu*%ed Up
SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
SWAG - Scientific Wild Ass Guess
TDY - Temporary Divorce for a Year
USMC - Uncle Sam's Misguided Children
Wilco - Will Comply

Your turn..............


coffeypot said...

How 'bout:
BLOG = Big Load Of Gossip
SOS = Shit Ona Shingle (Cream Chip Beef on Toast)
REMF = Rear Echelon Mother Fucker
TARFU = Things Are Really Fucked Up
WETSU = We Eat This Shit Up (We Like It)
US ARMY = Uncle Sam Ain’t Released Me Yet

MightyMom said...


NAVY Never again volunteer yourself!

UMA ugliest mother f**ker afloat

and don't forget the LAM ....

VBCDs visual birth control devices (similar to your BCGs)

hubby was on the USS Omaha....was a baaad boat. (couldn't get stuff to work right) the guys apparently decided that OMAHA stood for "Oh, my ass hurts again!"

STFU. shut the f*** up!

oh babe there's a zillion of them! probably even more that are specific to a particular unit or group. :-)

Tami said...

FNDNTW- Fly Navy Divers need the work.

NAVY - Never Again Volunteer Yourself.

FLYBOY- Fun Loving Yahoos Better Off Young

Butler and Bagman said...

What a hoot! This is a "Copy to Word" blog so I can save the acronyms. Maybe I could start a dictionary. I will say that the military has much better acronyms than the health care system, Thanks!

christian soldier said...

It's catching - acronyms that is---be careful!:-)

Buck said...

My fave from days gone by: FIGMO (F!ck it, got my orders). There were certain places that REALLY rated this term...

MightyMom said...

don't forget those nice phrases that mean nothing to the outsider!!

the eagle shits on friday

man, I need to run around the rain locker

Caroline said...

Sorry can't contribute still wiping tears of laughter from cheeks!!