Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Talking Tuesday

The other day, while Hubster was helping me make the bed with freshly washed sheets...I told him that fresh sheets on a bed; are truly my favorite of all simple pleasures. The conversation went on that if we ever 'struck it rich', I would not want a huge house or a bunch of maids...but I would want fresh sheets on my bed every day for the rest of my life. That's it.

Hubster served in the Navy and spent many an hour on a submarine...he missed an ice-cold Coke most of all. He's not even a big soda drinker, but he did miss Coca Cola.

As I think of MudPuppy, Mark, Christopher, David and countless other soldiers who sleep, eat and breathe dust all day, every day... I wonder... to those who are currently serving and to those who have served in the past.... what do/did you miss most? Even if you are a civie, please chime in...what would you miss most, if you were to find yourself in Afghanistan or Iraq for a year?

Your turn........


Hammer said...

Frozen snickers.

I like fresh sheets too.

MightyMom said...

hubby's recliner.

joyce said...

My chiropractor. I don't bend over so good, and my chiropractor puts everything back so I don't have to take pain meds.

I wish the soldiers had access to chiropractors what with all the heavy packs, and hefting, and stress.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Diet Coke. Butt loads of Diet Coke. And Hostess Cupcakes.

Hallie :)

Becky said...

For my husband he always misses the same thing - Dunkin Donuts Coffee!

I LOVE fresh sheets!!! I could definitely justify fresh sheets every day if I won the lottery.

proudsoldiermom said...

A long , hot shower!!!!!

ABNPOPPA said...

Being a seasoned citizen and leaving the US ARMY nearly 40 years ago what I missed the most while stationed overseas very near the current ongoing conflicts were:

My mom's made from scratch chocolate cookies fresh from the over and my grandmother's made from scratch peach pie.


SoCalOilMan said...

I'm a civilian and even though it's only been a couple of days, I most miss my son, and I doubt if that would change if our positions were reversed.

He's committed to serve. He hates where he got stuck (Korea), but I know he'll do us all proud.


First, I'm honored to be included on your "Follow List". The next few weeks will be scarce reporting from his location. No cell phone, no personal internet, but beleive me, I will let the world know when I hear from him.

You've got two kids in the defense of this country...G-d bless you and your family.

Tami said...

While I served in the USN and spent many a day out in the middle of an ocean, the one simple pleasure that I really missed was a real mattress. Sleeping in a coffin shaped bed helped contribute to my fear of small places.

Christopher recently told me that the he misses Southern Sweet Tea


coffeypot said...

Milk! We had the god-awful powdered stuff. When we pull in to Long Beach, after nine months in Japan, I went straight to the PX and drank 2 gallons of cold milk and three helpings of banana pudding - then threw them up.

There was a drugstore in LB that had the best hamburgers, too. I missed them every time we went to sea.

And women! I missed them most anytime - because I could never meet any. But with being at sea from two weeks to three months, I didn’t even get to look at them.

Mary Ellen said...

The library - having access to new things to read anytime I want.

Sue said...

Well, since I am a military mom and not a soldier, I can only look at it from that point of view. But if my intuition is anywhere near right on this, I think that soldiers must miss the comfort of home...not the COMFORTS of home, but rather being with their family and their being able to wake up each morning with the people they love most in this world. I don't know - I can't imagine the things that our military misses when they leave.
Sure gives us plenty to think about.
Hugs, my friend.