Friday, June 19, 2009


As the soldier looked down from the heavens above
down on the earth and the land that he loved

He saw its beautiful mountains, its rivers and streams
the land of opportunity, of freedom and dreams

Then he looked down at the red, white, and blue
The flag he defended, being burned by a few

His heart began aching; his eyes filled with tears
Dear God, Tell me the reason for the flames and the sneers?

What has happened to my people, where is their pride?
Have they forgotten we carried that flag as we died?

That flag was our symbol of a land free and true
For hundreds of years it has carried us through

If there ever was anything for which this country stood
It was the flag that told others our land was free and good

Have you forgotten my mother who cries over my grave?
Or the imprisoned others, so strong and brave?

We fought for our country, many lives for that flag
Yet you dare let them burn it and call it a rag?

We gave the gift of freedom, unselfishly for you and your own
Are your eyes so blind that this dishonor you condone?

That flag cannot burn, you just can't let it be
Please stop this nonsense and listen to me

Let it fly proudly, please protect it from harm
Let it be unfurled over cities and farms

If you allow to happen, if you let it burn
You are killing America and the honor thousands fought proudly to earn

I wish I could be there, I'd try to find a way
But my days with you were taken, so I can only pray

That God will give you guidance, and the strength to decide,
The flag we died for shall not burn, but fly with reverence and pride
~Mary Rogers


Mary Ellen said...


Tami said...

ditto to Mary Ellen and God Bless.

Beautiful Prayer.


Mary said...

Beautiful, my friend. Thanks for sharing.


AirmanMom said...

ME...I thank you for stopping by!

AirmanMom said...'s so good to read your words again! You've been missed.

AirmanMom said...

mary...your kind words are always appreciated!

Citizen Soldier said...

That was AWESOME, thanks for posting. I am going to send that one on.

AirmanMom said...

citizen...PLEASE do pass it along!!!

Caroline said...

Pass the tissues....

AirmanMom said...

caroline...thank you!!!!